Terms of Auction.

“Auction” section of the site http://horobri.1plus1.ua offers lots donated by famous Ukrainians to the auction taking place in support for the fundraising campaign to buy CCT ambulances for the zone of ATO.

Anyone who cares can participate in the auction.

In order to do this, you have to select a lot you like at http://horobri.1plus1.ua in the “Auction” section, click “Participate” and fill out the form.

By doing so you will register your details to be further processed by the project’s administrators.

The auction will take place in early November 2014, in Kyiv (the exact time and venue to be announced), with invitation of all registered participants.

The auction will display all lots presented on the site. Invited guests can participate in all sessions of the auction and not only in those they were initially registered for.

Right after the end of the auction, a person that won a particular lot undertakes to provide money they agreed to pay for this lot.

If a person is unable to provide money in full, immediately after the end of the auction session, they will be prompted to do so within two business days. Otherwise, the lot will be given to a person that came in second in the auction session.

All money earned at the auction will go to purchasing CCT ambulances for the zone of ATO. The number of money raised and information on its appropriate use will be reported at http://horobri.1plus1.ua , as well as in the editions of Brave Hearts, TSN and on the UNIAN and TSN.ua sites.